30 events
Festival de Saint-Denis
From: 2017-05-30 to: 2017-06-30
Country: France
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Boston Early Music Festival
From: 2017-06-11 to: 2017-06-18
Country: United States
Official Website
Ravenna Festival
From: 2017-05-25 to: 2017-06-11
Country: Italy
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Chipping Campden International Music Festival
From: 2017-05-14 to: 2017-05-27
Country: United Kingdom
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SWR Schwetzinger Festspiele
From: 2017-04-28 to: 2017-05-27
Country: Germany
Official Website
Felicja Blumental International Music Festival
From: 2017-05-15 to: 2017-05-20
Country: Israel
Official Website
The Intimacy of Creativity
From: 2017-02-27 to: 2017-04-23
Country: China
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30 events